About Me

A bit about me....



I am extremely fortunate and consider myself very blessed to have a stunning therapy room plus a beautiful log cabin.  Either being ideal for individual healing, group sessions, workshops and my training courses.

The "Crystal Cabin" is next to my beautiful home "Cliff Cottage" at the top of  a Hill. One thousand feet above sea level, surrounded by fabulous views. A perfect spot for setting new intentions with the New and Full Moon or enjoying the blessings of the sunshine. 

Cliff Cottage and Angelic Hypnotherapy & Healing were manifested through The Law of Attraction,  Positive Thoughts, Affirmations, Meditation and the love of my amazing Vision Boards. And above all, the belief in myself and my passion for helping people. 

I specialise in Women's Well-being, Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Stress, Anxiety, Low Self-esteem, Confidence and Performance Issues, Holistic Relaxation Therapies PLUS running group Workshops.

My Life Purpose involves changing negative thought patterns and gently healing buried emotions, whilst nurturing self-love. I love to encourage and empower people to lead positive, conscious and happy lives. 

I am always booking myself on to training courses and workshops for new complementary therapies and cannot begin to thank the Universe enough for the teachings and opportunities I have had and continue to receive. 

Angelic Hypnotherapy & Healing personifies my every being and I am very excited to share my healing abilities and gentle listening ear with you very soon. 

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see my clients leave with their beautiful calm smiles. Each one full of gratitude and love for the experience they have just been kind enough to allow themselves to relax, let go and to thoroughly enjoy. 

My clients always walk away believing that anything and everything is possible with a positive, happy state of mind.

 Ask me how I can teach you how to “Think & Heal Yourself Happy!”