Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy


Weight Loss Program

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Weight Loss Program

Outstanding results that last a lifetime. Working together to reach your weight loss goals

Putting YOU on a path back to YOU

(also suitable for those with 2 stone + to lose) 

· Emotional Guidance to improve Self Love & Self Esteem

· Bespoke Positive Mindset Session  

· 3 individual Clinical Hypnotherapy Weight Loss sessions (including the hypno-band session)

· Reinforcement Weight Loss Hypnosis Recording

· 8 weekly lessons in the form of a guide book to support between your live sessions.   

· Positive Affirmations

· Journal for logging your affirmations and personal progress

I have carefully designed this successful 8 week program and centred it around self-belief, changing your thought patterns and building confidence, self-love and making healthier life choices. The weight has to drop off your mind before it falls off your body!

A level of commitment is also required from yourself to achieve best possible weight loss results

Payment to be made in full at time of booking to secure future appointments


Smoking Cessation

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Weight Loss Program

  Smoking - how good does it look on YOU...?

This is the perfect time to decide YOU deserve to be healthier, wealthier and happier 

Ask me about Smoking Cessation Hypnosis TODAY

Smoking Cessation involves: 

Consultation, Bespoke Clinical Hypnotherapy session.


Book now to reserve your session appointment/s. (Please allow plenty of time for your treatments).

*My diary gets booked up well in advance for this popular treatment.


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy

 Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques involving  bespoke, focused, Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions  

The perfectly natural, safe way to overcome every day stress, anxiety, fears or negative emotions

Clinical Hypnotherapy is an altered state sometimes referred to as a trance. 

Described as a lovely feeling of being In-between awake and asleep, and In-between asleep and awake.

As a professionally trained Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, I can help you to change negative thoughts and feelings into positive behaviours. This change brings about long term feelings of pride, joy, and healing. 

** Clinical Hypnotherapy is NOT stage Hypnotherapy. It is a perfectly safe and very effective relaxing experience **

  * Payment is required in full at time of booking  for all Hypnotherapy Treatments *