Positive Mindset & EFT

Reiki & Emotional Healing

Reiki & Emotional Healing


 What can I say! Since receiving treatments from Michelle, my life has positively changed.

I have learned how my thoughts, not just my words create my destiny.

I have lost over a stone in weight and my self confidence has soared.

But most importantly via Reiki, I feel free from my ‘Molly’ stuff! I call it stuff because I cant even explain what I’ve been carrying but I feel like Michelle has, via Reiki, healed my broken heart.

I still think of Molly, love her, miss her, but I don’t feel raw, I feel the hole in my heart is healed and I still have my Molly shaped scar but it’s not sore any more x hard to explain but incredible to feel.

I can’t thank you enough Michelle for teaching me about the law of attraction, for changing my mindset and my default settings. You are a beautiful soul and I thank you for sharing your positivity with me, you really have changed my life.

We’re so busy with life, we have so many things to do, but it’s really important to stop and give ourselves some ‘me’ time! Now every day for 20 minutes I meditate after work, before everyone comes home, so I have more to give to my family x

I’m continuing my journey with Michelle and I’m so grateful for her positivity, her healing and her healing hands! Rae x

 I've just had a great session learning about the Law of Attraction in Action with Michelle. I've learned lots and really feel inspired now; thanks so much Michelle! Vanessa x

Amazing day can't recommend Michelle enough...EFT tapping session to start followed by a full Reiki treatment. EFT Tapping has already worked for me this evening. Michelle is professional, friendly and a fantastic teacher. It has helped me feel calm and in control...a great combination of treatments. Thank you xx  Lynze   

 Hello. The positive thinking has already changed my life!! I’m in shock I just come 3rd at that final I was telling you about the other day. I have just been thinking positively about everything and it’s clearly working! Thank you x Lily

 I stumbled across Angelic Hypnotherapy whilst flicking through Facebook and sent Michelle a message. I would have to say that it was easily the best thing I have done. I feel so much more positive after seeing Michelle and would highly recommend her. She offers a wide range of therapies to suit everyone. The location is perfect for the treatments involved. I am already considering her other therapies....check out the website to see what she offers and give it a go xx June  

 Only met up for a consultation and we clicked straight away, lovely understanding lady who has her work cut out with me, can't wait to start my sessions xx Helen xx 

 Amazing lady! Would definitely recommend to anyone - Anne Marie 

Amazing experience in a warm, comforting environment. I am a chronic stress head and constantly have issues I often hide regarding people's thoughts about me. Michelle , has helped me begin to understand the importance of self love & how to be more positive in life. I have only been once but I can't wait for the next experience, my friends and family have already seen a change in my newly positive attitude . Thank you so much Michelle xxxxx Hannah 

 Michelle is excellent at picking up a person’s energy which enables her to read the emotions which one may be feeling. She has an empathic approach which makes you feel completely relaxed and understood, and I feel that this insight, along with her knowledge and experience are what makes a visit to this lovely, warm therapist and person worth while. She has helped me get through an extremely difficult time emotionally, and shown me ways to deal with my stress, which came about through transference of working within mental health. Thank you so much Michelle! Helen 

 Absolutely enjoyed every minute of my therapy with Michele she really is an amazing lady! I was feeling very anxious before my visit but now well what can I say! A real difference amazing thank you Michele your fab n cannot wait for my next visit xxxxx Debbie 

I hope you have had the chance to rest after the EFT workshop. It was really very good and professional. You could see how much effort and attention to detail you had put into it and you are a mine of information. I really enjoyed it and want to do your law of attraction one too xx Annie

Reiki & Emotional Healing

Reiki & Emotional Healing

Reiki & Emotional Healing


I went to see Michelle at Angelic Hypnotherapy & Healing for some Reiki.  I knew I had trapped energy that needed shifting and every session since has been incredibile.  So much so that (thanks to Michelle) I’m now trained to Usui Reiki Level 1 and soon to be Level 2.

With Michelle’s guidance and support I was able to put some structure around my healing and make huge strides towards a complete pain free and healthy life.

Michelle has kept me on track and with her vast knowledge and experience has helped guide me in the right direction.

I would urge anyone who is on, or is starting their own healing journey to find someone like Michelle to assist them.  If you are in the North Wales area of the UK then I would strongly recommend Angelic Hypnotherapy & Healing. Keith 


I  first met Michelle at an event last year, her positive energy, enthusiasm and knowledge took me away, I instantly felt very comfortable with her and knew she was the right person to explore reiki treatments with.

My confidence levels were low, I wasn’t sleeping well and felt anxious. Michelle instantly made me feel at ease and explained how reiki worked. I now have regular treatments and feel so much better, its like being on a journey and each time I get a little closer to where I want to be. 

Michelle, you are one amazing lady, thank you. xx V xx 

I cannot recommend enough angelic hypnotherapy in Holywell. As soon as you enter the room you feel at ease there’s a lovely calming atmosphere so welcoming. Michelle is a godsend I only wish I had met her years ago. She is so calming, friendly and really knows her stuff. She is so in tune with you and her positive aura just shines. The initial assessment made up my mind I needed to have sessions. I’ve had hypnotherapy, reiki and mentoring. I really feel it’s been so therapeutic for me and helped how I look at my life and how to cope with stressors. If you feel abit lost in your life contact Michelle it really will change your life xx thank you Michelle xx Shayleine  xx  

I visited Michelle at Angelic Hypnotherapy and Healing for Reiki and EFT tapping. Very impressed, beautiful venue, professional service leaving me relaxed and in better health. Would recommend for anyone with anxiety issues. I wouldn't visit anyone else now. Michelle leaves you feeling like you can take on the world! Lynze xx 

Hi Michelle

I have suffered from headaches and migraines for years. I have tried acupuncture, massages as well as taking strong painkillers. Nothing worked! Since I have been received reiki from you. I have not had one headache. I can also not believe the effect it has had on me as a person. I am feeling a lot more confident, happier and I am more focused on what I want in life. It really is life changing.
I really look forward to the sessions, you are such an inspiring positive person. I am so glad I found you!! 

Thank you Nic x 

Had my first Reiki session with Michelle today. It surpassed everything I was expecting. Michelle was very warm and receptive to my needs. I felt immediately relaxed in her company and the atmosphere she had created in the room. My Reiki session was very fulfilling and entailed some new surprises too. I didn't feel rushed at the end of session and we had time to chat and discuss my time with her and she offered kindly advise. Would definitely recommend Michelle and will be returning to see her again . Thank you so much. Ali 


Absolutely amazing lady I have felt so much better for having reiki treatments and also an amazing new friend xx Sharon xx 


I can't thank Michelle enough for all my reki and other treatments and looking forward to my next reki it helps me in so many ways she is amazing lady x x Barbara xx 

Wow, just had a lovely Reiki treatment.. Michelle has got me back on track again. Love the treatment room. So oooo cozy... When can we do it again? Thankyou xxxxx Vicky  

 Michelle is such an amazing knowable lady. I felt such at ease with her that I was able to discuss my problems openly and confidently.
My Reiki session left me feeling so relaxed yet energised with a feeling of wellbeing too.
Her therapy room is so welcoming.
I plan to tap into her many skills very soon. I'm looking forward to our hypnotherapy sessions.
Thank you so much Michelle you're an angel. Jill xxx

 Michelle is amazing..Reiki in her hands is an experience not to be missed! It was energetically invigorating as well as calming to the soul. I left feeling whole and complete. She is so knowledgeable about her craft. Lots of wise words and wisdom. Fabulous! Xx Debbie

 I received reiki treatment from Michelle on a retreat we where on together, what can I say it was amazing. I really felt that Michelle released some pain I was holding on to in my heart I was very emotional while having the treatment but Michelle guided me through this and helped me to keep claim. I can't recommend her enough she's an amazing therapist but also a beautiful soul thank you x Kelly 

 I have had a few Reki healing with this lovley lady she so caring l am feeling better everytime l go to c her and so looking forward to my next virst this lovley lady michelle has help me in a lot of ways thank you so much x x x Barbara 

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Reiki & Emotional Healing

Clinical Hypnotherapy



Fabulous treatment in beautiful surroundings. I opted for the hypnoband treatment which was perfect for me. Michelle provided me with invaluable support and motivation to kick start my transformation journey. Michelle is a truly inspiring lady and I will certainly be exploring other treatments. Iona x 


I met Michelle on a course and straight away her positive energy and enthusiasm came across. The lunch break gave us time to get to know one another and she explained about her holistic healing and how they can help resolve many issues that everyone goes through during their lifetime. I explained that I have struggled with my weight over the last few years, so she suggested I went on her Weight Loss programme.

Wow what a revelation!! Listening to her weight loss reinforcement and guided meditation recordings along with the weekly workbook, has kept me positive and on track with achieving continued weight loss. Not only have I changed my eating habits – not wanting “rubbish” food and eating far more healthily, I have more energy (getting up early and getting on with ‘stuff’ instead of having lie- ins) but my whole demeanour has changed I am far more positive and energised. I can certainly recommend Michelle’s course, as she says “it’s not about weight loss its about getting rid of unwanted weight,” – I don’t want it back….and I won’t…
Carole x 

I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone. I struggled for years with issues that the medical world could not help with. Michelle produced a plan for me to follow and so far the Reiki, Hypnotherapy and EFT tapping have all been amazing. The location and environment are very relaxing, and I look forward to each visit. I am well on the way to recovery and know that Michelle's knowledge and expertise will get me back to 100%. Keith 


I went to visit Michelle to help me give up smoking initially ... whilst i was there i had a full Reiki treatment which made me feel absolutley amazing! I then had Hynotherapy and Michelle took out lots of time to look at the reasons that i wanted to give up.. after a long attentive consultation, Michelle made me feel extremely relaxed in a beautiful calm room and began to re program my thoughts around this habit.. I was aware of everything in my surroundings and Michelle's words had a huge impact on the way I now thought about this habit.. I have no desire to pick up another cigarette and smoke it which is exactly what i had hoped for..I would most definitely recommend a visit for any kind of habit or addiction you may have whether that be weight loss.. confidence.. self esteem..etc etc This is the lady that will help you in a lovely professional and caring way!! Thanks Michelle for your truly amazing talents! 

xx Shirley xx

 Went to c this amazing lady for help to stop smoking have been smoking since the age of 14 now 58 tryed lots of things to give up but nothing worked had 2 hrs with this great lady not had 1 nor want 1  thank you so much x x Barbara  

 Lovely place and lady who makes you feel very welcome. I had hypnotherapy to help me quit smoking and I walked in as a massive sceptic of the procedure having tried multiple products to help. Needless to say that was weeks ago and I haven't touch a cigarette since nor wanted to...... Very talented and professional lady who I would recommend to anyone. Shannon 

 Fantastic reiki and hypnotherapy treatments from Michelle....a beautiful positive lady who helped me through a very dark period in my life. Really look forward to visiting the calming and tranquil environment and receiving the healing powers from this fabulous lady xx Iona