Weight Loss & Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy

8 Week Hypno-Band Weight Loss Program

  Suitable for a loss of 2 stone + with BMI of over 35

Available to two people at the same time - bring a friend , partner or sister and lose weight together

This 8 Week Weight Loss Program is  based around self belief, changing your thought patterns and building confidence, self-love and making healthier life choices. The weight has to drop off your mind before it falls off your body!
* 8 weekly lessons in the form of a guide book to keep you motivated between your live sessions. 

* Law of Attraction Workshop (positive mindset coaching session)
* 3 individual Clinical Hypnotherapy Weight Loss sessions (including the hypno-band session)

* Positive Mind Therapy to improve Self Love & Self Esteem. 
* 2 Guided Meditation Weight Loss recordings,
* Positive Affirmation recording
* Reinforcement Weight Loss Hypnosis recording
* A journal for logging your affirmations and personal progress 
Outstanding results that last a lifetime. Working together to reach your weight loss goals.

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Smoking Cessation

 Outstanding results that last a lifetime

Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques involving an individual, focused Clinical Hypnotherapy session

Smoking Cessation involves: 

Consultation, Guided Meditation / relaxation recording , plus Bespoke Clinical Hypnotherapy session.


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*My diary gets booked up well in advance for this popular  treatment.

NB Offers for this product may vary in service 

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