Angelic Workshops

Workshops / Private Parties


 Fun, exciting , positive and easy to learn life changing workshops to choose from.

 * The Law of Attraction In Action how to think positive thoughts, manifest your dreams and live your best life in abundance

* Saturday 9th March 10-3pm *

*The Magic of Vision Boards to Manifest your dreams for 2019 in to reality. 

*Saturday 6th April 10 -3pm * 

* Also available as Visions & Vino Party *

*Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) which will give you the tools to remain free from anxiety, fear, stress and any negative limiting beliefs for the rest of your life. 

*Saturday 30th March 10-4pm * 

 *A Colourful Journey through the Chakras - exploring the bodies energy system / Chakras, how they keep your energy flow balanced preventing disease and illness 

*Saturday 13th April 10-3pm * 

All workshops are also available to book as a small private party for you and your friends to enjoy on a date to suit you - depending on my availability 

*Deposits required in advance for all Training, workshops & events *

 * See contact information on the Home Page *